David gaines

David Gaines

Self-Motivated & Dedicated Professional

While it is important to know what one knows, it is arguably equally or more important to know what one does not know.

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Knowledgeable & Experienced

Over a period of time I have gained much experience and knowledge within my area of expertise. Because of my extensive experience, I have the innate ability to quickly create solutions and solid ideas in a timely manner. I see the larger context, which allows for me to identify what needs to be done.

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Curious Learner

I am fascinated by products, machines, processes and philosophies about which I have minimal understanding, but do understand that they are important. Being a curious being by nature, I like to understand how things work and find out what is behind the curtain. I am always eager to discover and learn something different, and am constantly evolving and changing so that I may grow and develop new skills.

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Positive & Humorous

It is important to maintain a positive attitude in life and work no matter what the circumstances and I strive to do this every day. I enjoy helping others and encouraging people to come to me with any problems. I get projects done by keeping an open mind and cheerful disposition. Others respect me because I show them the respect they deserve.

About Me

I have been a self-employed insurance broker since graduating from Hillsdale College in 1979. Throughout my career I have demonstrated that I am an innovative thinker, and an enthusiastic and extremely dedicated individual. Over the years I have developed strong communication skills and have gained a vast amount of experience with speaking to many different types of people. I understand that valuable alliances are worth nurturing, therefore I am eager to build connections and deepen relationships with the people around me. As a leader, I am passionate about instilling and teaching positive change and growth in people and in business. I focus my leadership towards solutions and results because I believe taking responsibility and being proactive in any situation is a valuable skill that pays off greatly. Above all else I want to prove to my clients and the people around me that I am honest and trustworthy. I provide any company with a focused and results-oriented employee who strives for success no matter the task. For this next step in my life I would like to take the opportunity to explore another route other than insurance sales. Remaining in this industry is still an option; however, not necessarily a preference. It is important to know that I am at ease in several professional and all social environments.


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    Hillsdale College

    Business Administration; Emphasis in Economics


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    1979 - CURRENT

    Insurance Broker / Facilitator



  • Verbal / Written Communication
  • Public Speaking / Presentations
  • Preparation
  • Project Management
  • Team Building
  • Business Solutions
  • Client Relationships
  • Leadership / Motivation
  • Training / Coaching
  • Process Improvement
  • Operating Systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Client Needs Assessments
  • Performance Management
  • Time Management
  • Account Management
  • Reliability / Performance
  • Product Knowledge